Why Attend

This weekend was amazing. Thank you for everything you, Marcie, and the rest of the staff put together for this weekend. It was great to get to connect with others on this same journey and to hear stories, tell stories, laugh and cry. I am ready to come back…

May ’24 Attendee from Horicon

I had a wonderful experience! I can see that the team that puts it on has worked so hard to think of every detail to make it a wonderful experience. I made many connections, got wonderful and helpful info, and had an amazing break. Priceless! Thank you so much!

May ’24 Attendee from Fitchburg

This experience was the most meaningful thing I’ve done for myself. Today, I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders. The support, validation, and lessons I’ve learned from others who are experiencing the same things I am or are further along on their journeys are all invaluable. I’m already putting it to use.

October ’22 Attendee from Sheboygan

This has been the most amazing experience and such a blessing! We needed this more than we realized and the sessions we attended were so informative and eye-opening.

October ’23 Attendee from Beaver Dam

This was so great and perfect in every way. I enjoyed myself and got to do much-needed self-care. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

October ’23 Attendee from Green Bay

I am SO impressed with the caring and wonderful people we met this weekend, from the leaders and mentors to the other attendees. I don’t usually cry in front of strangers, but our last circle was so moving, I really connected with some of the others! I could feel their pain and anxiety but also their hopefulness and relief that we aren’t alone. Seriously… LIFE CHANGING!!! Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!

October ’23 Attendee from Waupun

This was one of the BEST things we could have done as a couple who has been struggling with many aspects since the diagnosis. We learned SO much, had time to ourselves which was MUCH needed, and above all we learned to look at everything with a different perspective. We both said on our way home that this really brought us together more and made us comfortable to talk about our struggles to each other.

October ’22 Attendee from Madison

I LOVED IT! It truly opened my eyes to the things we may exceed in as a family, the things that we need to work on, and the information we gained that will help us get there. I really wish some of our own family members would have been able to attend this so they could understand more about Autism as a whole, and that it is a very wide word for each child. Every child on the spectrum is so unique. I hope you have one next year! We would love to bring our respite worker with us!

Jennie Z – November ’22 Attendee from Fond Du Lac

I really enjoyed my time at CAMP. I only wish it could’ve been longer. The connections were so great!

Alisa C – November ’22 Attendee from Milwaukee

The stories were so uplifting and inspiring for me! It is a beautiful community of people who need to stay connected!

Gwenn B – November ’22 Attendee from Milwaukee